Based on reviews and suggestions from Collected.Reviews, there is nothing most employees love more than when the company decides to provide them lunch. This might seem like a small thing, but a free meal is not just a nice gesture, it also shows that the company cares about its employees, letting them know that their daily contribution and hard work are being appreciated.

With reviews about food and beverage companies, it shows that in recent times many companies have added free food or lunch to their list of employees’ benefits.

Free Food             

Offering your employees lunch, means that financial burden is on the company. But in return, the company enjoys some benefits. Providing food for employees can go a long way in keeping them happy and healthy. The way we eat and drink has a direct impact on how we feel, the energy we get, the way we work, our health and our ability to focus. It is said that when you eat healthy, it helps to improve health and productivity, a hydrated brain is more active and eating healthy food increases a person’s energy. People who eat more vegetables, fiber, fruit, protein, lean and healthy fat are at a lower risk of diseases and sickness.

The key to a successful business is not only by focusing on the customer’s needs but also ensuring that your employees are well taken care of and happy. Giving your employees free lunch is not the only way to make them happy, there are many other ways to make your employees happy. Check out these 4 other ways to keep your employees happy.

1.      Work on Yourself:

As a business owner, it is important you start with yourself, how do your employees see you? Are you the all work no play type of Boss? Always strict and leave no space for innovation or mistake. With this kind of attitude, it is certain your workers won’t be happy when arriving at their offices. The energy and tone of your workers heavily depend on you. Think about your body language and behavior. There is always room for change and everyone tends to benefit from this.

2.      Improve The Working Environment:

Make your staff rooms or offices as light as it can possibly be, or better still make provision for natural light. Bring in flowers and plants, also you can allow your workers personalize their working areas so they can feel well and safe in their own space.

3.      Recognize Your Employees Progress:

It is a good idea to always point out the good things your workers do. Show them you are aware of their progress, acknowledge them verbally and individually. Remind them of how they started and where they can possibly be in a few months or years.

4.      Always Say ‘Thank You’:

Most employees quit their jobs mainly because they do not like their boss, feel like they have stopped learning or they are not engaged. Having a positive workplace and environment is very important. You should learn to say thank you and well done to your workers frequently, you can even go as far as compensating workers with gifts when they have done excellently well for the company.


It is important to know that employees that eat lunch together every day are usually more productive. Also co-workers that share meals together tend to communicate more frequently. The article has also provided 4 other ways to make employees happy. Note that happy employees are more productive and creative.