Starting a new business can confuse you quickly as there are so many steps to take and several factors to put into consideration. Most of these steps are crucial and missing anyone can be detrimental to your business. Your business plan should be the first thing you should start working on once you are ready to start a business, it would be the map that you follow to accomplish your goals.

There are professionals who may charge a small fee to create a detailed business plan for you, and you can find them online. Visit and read customers reviews about their services before you hire them. Having a great business plan is integral for your business, and that is why you need to hire a professional if you are having difficulties writing it on your own.

If you have decided to write your business plan yourself, and you are confused about the steps to take, this article will guide you step by step on how to go about writing a great business plan.

There are the 7 steps to take in order to write a compelling business plan.

Executive Summary:

This is an introduction of your business. It gives the entire summary of your business in a short paragraph. It should be short, concise and optimistic. It comes first in every business plan, but should be written last so that you can write from an informed point of view.

The Company Description:

The next step should be writing what your company is bringing to the market. The problem it is solving and how you plan to solve it.

Market Analysis:

How well the idea you are bringing to the market will do. Who is your target market? and who is your competition? Do an in-depth research of all these questions and provide detailed answers to them in this section.

Organizational Management:

Here, you make plans on how your business is going to be managed. How many staff you may need to employ? What are their roles, job descriptions and their salary?

The Service or Products:

The next step is to write the products and services your company is going to be giving out. Include in detail, how you intend to get these products, at what price you intend to get them and sell them.

Marketing and Sales:

For people to buy your product, they have to be aware that they are available. That is why marketing is very important. In this section, write how you plan to market your products and let your target audience hear about them. Include your plans and strategies.


You need money to finance your business, how do you intend to get funds? Is it through a loan, grant or from your savings.

From the above, you can see that your business plan helps you make step by step arrangements for starting a business. Having a good business plan is a necessary guide to help you start a business. Use the above tips to write your business plan like pro.