The basic need for marketing is to influence people and grow the business through their sales. Big businesses and small businesses can fail if they stop enhancing their marketing strategies to attract more customers. You can access different approaches to marketing on

With the different approach to marketing that exists, business owners turn to customers’ feedback and opinions on how to promote their business. Old School marketing involves the publicity of businesses through mediums such as print and video/audio broadcasts.

New School marketing employs means such as ads on social networks, using blogs and websites, while integrating Old School marketing techniques. However, which of these two are most effective? The basic features of these techniques are examined below.

·       Facebook Ads Vs. Television Commercials:

Television commercials belong to the old school marketing model. A business owner uses an allotted time to advertise his/her business to the viewers of the channel of choice. The advertisement can last 30 seconds or more, depending on the cost. While this could reach the target audience, the world is more conscious and active on social media platforms. This facilitates the need for ads on social media pages like Facebook. Facebook charges less than television channels charge for ads and commercials.  Also, most of the consumers for the products available today do not sit down behind televisions to stay updated. Social media networks, entertainment brands, and other networks alike control the audience. This makes digital marketing, that is the new school marketing technique, more unique and effective.

·       Social Media Post Vs. Ads on Newspaper Print:

Newspapers deliver your ads to the audiences who read newspapers. Every morning, your product either reaches those who turn on their television or radio for news, or those who purchase newspapers. Although many people, of the older generation, access information through traditional means, many other groups of people can be reached through social media posts. In the same vein, many young people are found on the internet. Many claim that social media has increased the visibility of their business. However, what informs your channel of marketing is determined by your audience. Both means are beneficial, it all depends on your target audience.

·       The Six Cs of New School and Four Ps of Old School Marketing:

The old school marketing technique includes product price, placement and promotion, and these emphasise the means to form valuable promotion. However, the new school technique advocates contact, connecting with customers, engaging in conversations, considering them, knowing what they consume and engaging the community. New school marketers are interested in converting people into customers after engaging them. While old school models advertise without practical follow up, new school models advocate otherwise.

However, before you decide which model to use, consider the cost and what your business needs for growth. You should also consider the demographics before you choose the mediums that could allow you to reach your audience. For instance, if your target audience is the people of the older generation, a focus on social media marketing at the expense of newspaper and television commercials could be detrimental.