A chartered surveyor is often a term you hear used when talking about property whether it’s commercial or residential, but it can mean a variety of things. Defining what a chartered surveyor is like defining what an artist is, it can be an array of different areas within the property sector.

To put it into simple terms, a chartered surveyors job involves construction, property and land, and they offer advice in regards to multiple areas within these three sectors. Here’s a look at what chartered surveyors are and whether they could help you and your property.

Commercial Property Surveyors

Surveyors in the commercial industry play a vital role for both landlords and tenants as well as buyers and sellers of a commercial building. When using surveyors it allows you to get a professional audit of the building in question, which will include a valuation of the property that takes into account its location, its current state (as the building may need work done) and the present value against other buildings.

It’s ideal to use one from both sides as having a professional review the buildings overall contain may lower or increase the price to the fairest price. Commonly property surveyors are used in sectors such as retail, office, industrial and leisure as the location, size of property and demand are all significant factor in the rent or sale price negotiated.

Hiring chartered surveyors Manchester isn’t just for the negotiation of a sale or rent, they can also be used to help re-evaluate your current costings. After their review of the building, you can then look at alternative options for bank lending, investment and reducing your business taxes.

It’s advised that you use a surveyor for buying or selling a commercial property as they have no loyalties to either party can pinpoint a fair price based on all that facts rather than who can benefit the most. This brings their job onto dispute resolution, as many renters, landlords and leaseholders can argue rent increases and changes in price to the point where a price needs to be set fairly by a third party that is trained to access the building professionally. Surveyors are often skilled negotiators and can help with advising both parties whether the price is fair or not and acting as a mediator helps a final decision to be actioned. Having a surveyor can also help with a number of other situations, with a compulsory purchase order Manchester based firm, you will be able to obtain land or property in more complicated circumstances where you cannot gain permission from the owner.

There is also an element of management involved with surveyors, many businesses have surveyors on retainer so they can check health and safety, any property management issues and areas such as utilities can also be handled by them.

Finally, in some cases, a chartered surveyor will be required to value a properties valuable equipment which can go from a computer to heavy machinery. This can be for the use of accounting, insurance and current market value.